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Cathy Stoebner DeWitt


For over a decade, Cathy Stoebner DeWitt served as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the Texas Association of Business (TAB), the largest business advocacy group in the state of Texas. Under her tenure, TAB’s lobby team was named as one of the powerful lobby teams in Texas.

During the 86th Session DeWitt was added to Capitol Inside’s ‘Top 100 Hired Guns’ ranking.


DeWitt was a lobbyist and policy expert on business issues such as labor law, health care, criminal justice, privacy, immigration, non-subscription, tort reform, and workers’ compensation. Well known and respected at the Capitol, she is known for her honesty and direct approach to lobbying. At TAB, she was known to stick to her guns and to not negotiate on bad bills when it would add to the cost of doing business in Texas. Her philosophy then and now is that legislation should build the economy and create more good paying jobs for all Texans, otherwise government should step out of the way and let private business thrive.


DeWitt has testified on hundreds of bills and is well versed in the legislative process. In addition to overseeing the advocacy team, DeWitt served as policy writer and media spokesperson for her issue areas.


DeWitt also served as the Communications Director of the Association in which she managed issue advocacy campaigns and was spokesperson for the media on all business issues. Under her tenure, she created TAB’s Voting Record as well its recognition program for state lawmakers. DeWitt was published in numerous publications and oversaw a $1.5 million advocacy campaign to let the public know which legislators were making the grade for business in Texas.


Prior to joining the Association, she was an associate with the public relations firm, ROSS Communications, and she also served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator John Cornyn’s last Supreme Court Race.


Besides previously working at the Texas State Senate, DeWitt has worked for several other associations such Texas Civil Justice League and the Texas Medical Association.


DeWitt's areas of expertise include:

  • Lobbying

  • Legislative Brifings

  • State Agency Relations

  • Grassroots and Grasstops Outreach

  • Association Consulting

  • Coalition Building

  • Media Strategy Planning

  • Design & Write Policy Briefs and White Papers



  • St. Edward's University

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